Write it down.

Sitting at my desk early this morning.  Writing out my goals, thinking about what type of actions I need to take today in order to step into what I believe God has for me.  You would think that I would have learned the lesson by now, I’m 36.  Why do I continue to write out goals and think about improving every year.  I don’t think I’ve ever actually met the goals that I’ve set, but for some reason I continue to write them out, continue to believe that one day I will keep my resolutions.

Harvard studies show that only 3% of people actually write down their goals, 13% had a set of clear goals in their mind, and 84% had no goals at all.  Goals are not all about money but it is a good measurement.  After 10 years the participants were studied about and the results were astonishing to me.  The 13% that had clear goals in their mind earned twice as much as the 84% that didn’t have any goals written down. TWICE.  The 3% that wrote their goals down on paper averaged an incredible 10 times the amount as the 97% that didn’t write down their goals.

Now we can get into the whys and all of that but just let that sink in for a bit.  This study shows the potential that is unlocked in us when we simply put on paper what we want to see happen in our lives.  It holds us accountable, it keeps us motivated.  I try to write my main goals for the year out every day, because I want to remain focused on the important things in my life.  So when I get tired, when I am discouraged, when I feel sorry for myself, I can remind myself that there is something more that I’m going after.

Your goals are your roadmap.  If you don’t have a roadmap you wander.  Don’t wander in the wilderness of life, write them down, weekly, daily.  What are you going after?  What do you want to see happen in you and your family’s life?  Make S.M.A.R.T goals.

Be Blessed,