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Readers are leaders.  If you want to succeed in life and in your walk with God you need to develop the discipline of reading.  If you will make it a point to read one chapter a day, you will be surprised how many books you could read in a year.

In prior generations, libraries were full of bookshelves and took up massive amounts of space.  Today, libraries can fit in your bag.

I recommend the Kindle App over the Nook or iBooks.  But that is my personal preference, in my opinion the Kindle Store has a wider selection of books.

These books are what I am reading for the 1st and 2nd time. (Currently)

Circle Maker – Mark Batterson(favorite book on prayer)

Simple- Bill Hybels (powerful book for this generation)

Dangerous Calling- Paul Tripp (every minister needs to read)

Spirit of Phyton- Jentezen Franklin(looks of sermons here)

The Essential Guide to Healing- Bill Johnson

These books are some of my all time favorites that have shaped my spirit.

When Heaven Invades Earth- Bill Johnson

Hosting the Presence- Bill Johnson

The Best ? Ever- Andy Stanley

Visioneering- Andy Stanley

Deep and Wide- Andy Stanley

Next Generation Leader- Andy Stanley

David and Goliath- Malcolm Gladwell

Tribes- Seth Godin

Purple Cow- Seth Godin

The Blessed Church- Robert Morris

I could continue but check out some of these.  They will inspire you and take you to the next level.




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